Ruth Ndyabahika portrait
Ruth Ndyabahika signed an agreement with Festo Karwemera yesterday, officially making her Grace Villa the new tenant of the Bakiga cultural museum and backpacker hostel. Edirisa has already handed over the keys of this property in the middle of Kabale Town. Who is Ruth and why was she Edirisa’s preferred […]

Perfect Custodian

Katharina Lahner GH volunteer - Sabinyo climbing
Katharina Lahner, sent to volunteer with Gorilla Highlands by Grenzenlos (Austria), is ending her three-month stay with us. We will miss her abundant positive energy, devotion and marketing skills! To celebrate her contribution we’ve asked for a little summary of her Gorilla Highlands life. This is what she wrote on […]

Life of a Gorilla Highlands Volunteer

Musanze View
Rwanda! The country so similar yet so different from our home, Uganda. Many Rwandans are jealous of Ugandans, many Ugandans are jealous of Rwandans, and the conclusion must be: it’s a gift to have such a contrast of approaches to economic and social development. Right from the start of the […]

Gorilla Highlands embraces Rwanda

Photo: Marcus Westberg “Who would have thought that a bunch of journalists and photographers could coexist in complete harmony for a whole week?” said a source close to the Gorilla Highlands Press Trip. Photo: Marcus Westberg (left), Jiro Ose (right) Nobody surely thought like that on the morning of 16 […]

In Search of Great Stories – Press Trip 2015

Silverchef 2015 entries
Photo: Marcus Westberg The chefs came with herbs and spices only. They knew they would need to use a pre-arranged set of ingredients, including rabbit meat. They knew they would have to make a starter and a main course, one of them vegetarian. They knew no big prizes were awaiting […]

Silverchef 2015 Cooking Competition

Interview about making Punishment Island Documentary
There is a story that every Gorilla Highlands lover of culture and history is eagerly awaiting: the Punishment Island documentary. An Italian documentary film maker Laura Cini (pictured smiling in the centre of  the photo above) has been working on it since 2011. It will tell the sad tale of […]

Punishing Work on Punishment Island Documentary

Norwegian paper
Let’s face it – we are from a remote area somewhere in the middle of Africa, and making it a destination everyone knows about will not be quick or easy. But we will work on it, each and every day. Last year our leading photographer Marcus Westberg wrote an article […]

News about the Gorilla Highlands spreads to Norway

As Edirisa focuses on its ambitious Gorilla Highlands initiative, the place currently known as The Home of Edirisa needs a new tenant. This is a colourful backpacker hostel in the middle of Kabale Town, arranged around Festo Karwemera’s fascinating cultural museum of the Bakiga. To see the facilities, click here. The Bakiga documentary below includes Karwemera’s […]

Become Custodian of Cultural Museum & Backpacker Hostel

Sunny greetings from Lake Bunyonyi, from The Heart of Edirisa, where we have entered September 2015 with a new Gorilla Highlands website. It will be under construction throughout the month as we, slowly by slowly, update and post online a lot of great content from our award-winning Interactive eBook. This […]

On the Way to the Total Guide

To: Bakiga readers in Uganda. Deborah Edel has kindly sent us a copy of “The Chiga of Uganda”, her mother’s anthropological study researched at Lake Bunyonyi in the 1930s. If you fancy borrowing it, send Gorilla Highlands on Facebook a message. (Almost 10 years ago Edirisa made a documentary starring Festo Karwemera and this […]

The Chiga of Uganda

We printed the first ever Gorilla Highlands postcards, to spread the news about our stunning region and make some shillings for the project. But they can also work on Facebook – click on “Share” under the motif you would like to send to a friend…

Postcards, Printed & Digital

Wish to have an attractive introduction to what we do? Charlotte Beauvoisin’s Diary of a Muzungu, a popular Uganda travel blog, featured the Gorilla Highlands Trails this week.

Diary of a Muzungu about Gorilla Highlands