Sagitwe Caldera near Kisoro Town, Gorilla Highlands, Uganda; photo by Josh Hamby
Five years ago two volunteers began to work on the Gorilla Highlands idea. […]

What Is Gorilla Highlands?

Pokemon at Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda, Africa - screenshot 2
Hi, on Monday I went on an amazing adventure in the […]

Pokémon Get Real at Lake Bunyonyi

Draft map of Musanze for Gorilla Highlands Pocket Guide
We plan to print the Gorilla Highlands Pocket Guide 2016 […]

Do You Know Musanze?

Who is the best?; photo for Batwa Today for Kids by Marcus Westberg
Watsup world it’s me, the one and only ENYAAAAAAAA with […]

WARNING: Shooting Is for Kids Only

We have entered the busiest time of the year and […]

High Season Blog Frequency

Batwa hunters with their dog during the Batwa Trail in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park; photo by Marcus Westberg
The Batwa hunted animals (pigs, duikers, buffaloes and birds) with […]

How Women Hunt in Their Heads

Enya at The Home of Edirisa, aged 6
Hi, it’s me again! Do you guys remember what I […]

Learning from a Huge Dying Rat

Tom Karemire with his gorilla certificate
Tom Karemire (72) has been a nightwatchman at the Gorilla […]

Tom’s List

Batwa of the Rwamahano community; photo by Marcus Westberg
Long before their removal from the national parks in the […]

Where Elders Don’t Boss You Around

Pocket Guide draft cover and last page
The first Gorilla Highlands product to include Rwanda, the paper […]

Pocket Guide with Rwanda on the Way