Sagitwe Caldera near Kisoro Town, Gorilla Highlands, Uganda; photo by Josh Hamby
Five years ago two volunteers began to work on the Gorilla Highlands idea. […]

What Is Gorilla Highlands?

Enya at The Home of Edirisa, aged 6
Hi, it’s me again! Do you guys remember what I […]

Learning from a Huge Dying Rat

Tom Karemire with his gorilla certificate
Tom Karemire (72) has been a nightwatchman at the Gorilla […]

Tom’s List

Batwa of the Rwamahano community; photo by Marcus Westberg
Long before their removal from the national parks in the […]

Where Elders Don’t Boss You Around

Pocket Guide draft cover and last page
The first Gorilla Highlands product to include Rwanda, the paper […]

Pocket Guide with Rwanda on the Way

More recent candidate for the Lord of the Forest; photo by Dr. Magda Braum, Gorilla Doctors
Saza Chief was a mature silverback in the late 1950s […]

Lord of the Forest

Enyanja Kanyunyuzi Logar typing this blog post; photo by Miha Logar
Hi, my name is ENYANJA KANYUNYUZI LOGAR and I’m 11 […]

My Name Is Lake

Hands of Annah Kyomukama; photo by Jiro Ose
Annah Kyomukama is one of the stars on the Gorilla […]

Annah Kyomukama, Star Craftmaker

Crazy Legs, Chairman, Tiny Moses and Federo, a Batwa band from Kisoro; photo by Robert Brierley
As we kick off a weekly series of articles about […]

Why Batwa “Pygmies”?

Julius Wetala of Mountain Gorilla Coffee Tours; photo by Jiro Ose
We are developing a Gorilla Highlands Champions concept this month, […]

Help Us Develop Gorilla Highlands Champions