Gorilla Highlands Pocket Guide #5 Reaches for the Stars

The upcoming Gorilla Highlands Pocket Guide (download the draft here; 12 MB) is a total rethink of our free booklet.

The previous four editions (we have been publishing annually since 2013) talked to people already in Uganda/Rwanda; our main target were expats and domestic tourists. However, the Uganda Tourism Board liked to take them to international trade fairs and we felt we had to think about global audiences instead.

Moreover, we are in the business of making our transboundary region a destination by itself; it is only appropriate that we offer a visitor information that becomes useful the moment they land in Kigali/Entebbe.

Therefore Kigali and Kampala are now included, plus Lake Nabugabo as a lovely stopover on the way to the Gorilla Highlands (Lake Mburo National Park will be added in the future too). We have expanded our coverage of Gisenyi as well.

Our booklet started on 16 pages five years ago; in 2017 we are at 47 pages even before advertisements are added. High time for the product to get a little table of contents…

With our ever-expanding distribution, 10,000 free copies get finished in a matter of months. This is why we need to increase our frequency to come closer to the desired situation when booklets never run out.

In 2017 there will be two editions of the Gorilla Highlands Pocket Guide:
– July 2017 (the one we are working on right now)
– December 2017

In 2018 we will have three:
– April 2018
– July 2018
– December 2018

The booklet draft we are sharing with advertisers will get many adjustments before it is printed at the end of the month— any feedback is welcome. We guarantee you that the font will be bigger, and that all the maps will be done; currently we simply indicate the area we intend to cover with them.

Businesses interested in advertising should contact us by 11 July 2017. More info about ads is available on the last page of the draft.

Last but not least, this is the first booklet fully designed locally. In Kigali and at Lake Bunyonyi, to be specific, by Yakub Ibrahim from Rwanda. Yakub got inspired by the Gorilla Highlands initiative during the November Bootcamp and it was his desire to give the Pocket Guide a total makeover. He is an art director based in Kigali; graphic design, photography, digital art and creative ads are his ways to channel his passion.

Download the draft here…

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