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Welcome to the fourth edition of Gorilla Highlands Silverchef! As previously announced, our cooking competition will be a bit different in 2018:

Hosted in Rwanda: After three Ugandan hosts, the Marriott in Kigali will be the GH Silverchef venue for 2018.

Date: 28-29 April 2018

National Catchment Area: The Marriott’s many kitchens will allow us to expand the number of competitors to 16, and with that our coverage. Chefs from any restaurant or accommodation provider in Rwanda, Uganda and the DRC are invited, the only condition being that they are nationals of the East African Community or the DRC. They should apply below by 1 March 2018; if the number exceeds available slots, the organisers will make the selection by 1 April 2018.

Tougher Challenge: After three years of supplying competitors with lists of available ingredients — allowing advance preparation for the event — we are moving to the next level. At GH Silverchef 2018 ingredients will be secret and force chefs to think fast and show their creativity.

Program: For the first time in its history, GH Silverchef will have a public dimension as well. The invitation-only competition day will take place on Saturday 28 April in two shifts. Each GH Silverchef competitor will be allocated to one of the shifts and will have to prepare a two-course meal for five people. Saturday tasting will be joined by especially invited tourism and media professionals from all the three countries, who will also enjoy an internal GH networking event. On Sunday 29 April 2018, following familiarisation trips for GH Silverchef competitors and guests, the public part of the event will take place at 1pm. A silver hat for the winner, quality cooking/ successful participation certificates and prizes will be given out, a video of the competition will be presented and the special edition of the Gorilla Highlands Pocket Guide booklet will be unveiled.

Competitor Fees: USD 200 (includes two nights at the Kigali Marriott, meals, cooking ingredients and the Sunday fam trip)

Silverchef 2018 Candidate Submission
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