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Last week the Gorilla Highlands blog made me proud. We had some really cool stuff published, five different writers contributing, and even though I was still thoroughly involved as the editor, it all felt like a real team effort. Moreover, it was produced on both sides of the border, in Uganda and Rwanda, by a group of young people from three continents.

The last item of the week, our must-read interview with Francis Tapon, went online on Saturday at 2:30am Uganda time. To be more precise: I personally worked on it for hours from a family house in Munyonyo on the shore of Lake Victoria, after a whole-day ride to Kampala, and it took an excessive amount of stubborness to make that happen.

This evening I got back to Lake Bunyonyi, another 400km bus journey behind me, and felt so exhausted I fell asleep for some 20 minutes before I could do anything else. And yet the blog must go on.

It’s 11pm and I’m sitting on my bed in the centre of the forest in the centre of the drone still pasted above, typing this on my phone. 

It makes me think. 

Does it make sense to push yourself this much, from Monday to Friday, for 2-4 hours a day?

Next Wednesday will be the anniversary of the daily blog. I will put together an attractive best-of collection of stories, in a form of a digital magazine, and then…

Nobody will probably blame me if I radically reduce the frequency of the blog and get more time to breathe. Running two companies in two countries is painfully taking its toll.

But then again…

There’s something beautiful and powerful about the daily routine, about the pretty photos and cool stories popping up on the homepage day after day.

Each time I post something new, I am excited and happy and consequently find it hard to go offline. I kinda feel this blog is what I am meant to be doing.

It will be a tough call.

text: Miha Logar; photo: Charlie Witlox

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