Why Gorilla Highlands?

Mountain Gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park; photo by Marcus Westberg

It’s 2017 and the first ever professional Gorilla Highlands team is ready for action. In the sixth year of our initiative to develop and promote a stunning region shared by Uganda and Rwanda, our objectives are:

• to position the term “Gorilla Highlands” as a universally accepted name for the region
• to expand the perception of the region beyond mountain gorillas
• to establish the region as a destination by itself (instead of a short stop-over during a tour in East Africa)
• to promote the region as an essential bucket list item
• to protect the culture and wellbeing of the disadvantaged local people

More specifically you can expect the following…

If you are a traveller seeking something different, authentic, safe yet adventurous:

Start of the Pocket Guide redesign

• In addition to our carefully researched information, we will offer you tour packages and self-made trips. The Lake Bunyonyi page is an example of what we are preparing for the whole region: a convenient online booking system to reserve and pay for the best of Rwanda and Uganda, in terms of activities, accommodation and transport; launches in July

• The number of short videos available on the Video Map will exceed 50 this year. We are about to train our Ugandan and Rwandan teams, helped by an American volunteer, who will radically increase our production; throughout the year

• Our popular Pocket Guide, a free paper booklet, will become more comprehensive with the inclusion of Kigali and Kampala. We will also make it more easily accessible (10,000 copies run out fast) by publishing not one but two editions in 2017; out in July and December

• Our award-winning Interactive eBook that has so far only covered southwestern Uganda will see Rwanda added this year; relaunch in September

If you are a hotelier or tour operator in the region, eager to see more team work and interested in pooling resources:

• Provided you have filled up the Gorilla Highlands Network form, you will begin receiving a electronic newsletter

• Make sure you book 13 May 2017 for Silverchef, our regional cooking competition. This is the main social event of the Gorilla Highlands Network, and we definitely want to meet you there

If you are a travel agency/tour operator from East Africa or elsewhere wishing to go beyond gorilla tracking:

• We will continue to offer information and support on the ground, making sure your clients get the best out of their visit to region. We can be your one-stop shop, and quality assurance

Bootcamp 2016; photo by Enock Luyonza

• Definitely try best to attend the second Gorilla Highlands Bootcamp at Lake Bunyonyi from 18 to 22 November 2017

If you are a journalist/blogger/photographer/videographer intrigued by our region or our initiative:

Get in touch. We are interested in helping you out in any way we can

• You might consider participating in the Gorilla Highlands Bootcamp from 18 to 22 November 2017

If you are a lover of our region and want to help us promote in in East Africa and globally:

• We will continue running a blog and updating our social media channels with you in mind

• We can offer you the opportunity to become our our ambassador, a Gorilla Highlands Champion, and leave a mark

Whoever and whatever you may be, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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