Tribute to Omugurusi Karwemera, the Icon of Western Uganda

Festo Karwemera was a teacher right to the end of his remarkable life… People would come to his home on the outskirts of Kabale in Uganda’s Gorilla Highlands region to learn about culture, history, life. People would listen to his weekly radio show on Voice of Kigezi for an enlightening dose of heritage education. People…

The Shock and Care of Rwanda’s Mount Kabuye

I looked at that mountain again and again during my commute to Kigali… It was marvellous. It was also as imposing as it gets, so it wasn’t difficult to identify it on the map: its name was Mount Kabuye. There were claims on the internet that it was the the highest non-volcanic peak in Rwanda…

Introduction to the Region

JUMP-START YOUR ADVENTURE: There is a land that awaits discovery — of cultures and mammals and birds, smoking mountain tops and brilliant smiles.

Regional National Parks

TREK THEM OR TRACK THEM: A mother gorilla cuddles her young and a vast lava lake simmers — two faces of seven volcanoes and a timeless impenetrable forest.

Nearby National Parks

CHART YOUR SAFARI: Graceful giraffes lope through space, lions lounge in trees and hippos rule the waters where your African fantasies breathe to life.