Gorilla Highlands Experts: Hurry & Join the Innovative Travel Service for FREE

Launching in January 2021*, Gorilla Highlands Experts will be a responsible travel membership service unlike anything before it. Consisting of unique online resources and events, video dispatches and tour consultancy, it will equip you to fully enjoy the Gorilla Highlands region shared by Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo.

Travel becomes something else altogether with proper preparation; your experience of Africa will be much deeper, happier and safer with us.

Miha Logar, Ugandan/Slovenian cultural and adventure tourism expert; BA Journalism, MA Development Studies

After 20 years in Eastern and Central Africa, Miha Logar feels he is ready to share his knowledge, his extraordinary friends and his love for the continent with you.

For Newbies: If you haven’t stepped on the African soil yet, we believe Rwanda is the perfect soft landing, with its neighbours providing all the excitement you could possibly wish for…

For Repeat Visitors: When you are ready for the next stage of exploring, we will be at your service…

For Those Who Have Been & Fallen In Love: This could be your opportunity to stay in touch!

Miha’s four core expert helpers bring in extra skills: primatology (Amy Porter, Phd., USA, spent years working in DR Congo), conservation (Charlotte Beauvoisin, UK, leading East African travel blogger), cuisine (Ramadhan Sindayigaya, RW, top chef) and music (Joe Kahiri, UG, founder of popular Qwela Band). A dozen other specialists are on our dial, from park rangers to historians.

If you become an Early-Bird member — registering in January 2021 is all you need to do — you will enjoy one month of the following services completely free of charge:

Weekly Video Show every Friday, with news and updates
Monthly Online Picnic, a virtual experience with cool guests at pretty sites around the region
Expert In-Sights on all kinds of topics, presented as online courses with a personal touch
Interest Communities to help you find travel buddies, fellow veteran visitors and more

(These will be the main elements of Gorilla Highlands Experts membership; activities begin in January 2021*)

… And there is more! Early-Bird members benefit from a complimentary live online session, a Q&A with core experts. (In the future, such consultancies will incur an additional charge)

”Alright,” you might say now. “Where is the catch?” There is none — we want to determine your preferences so that we learn how to serve you best. If you wish to continue after your free month expires, membership fees will be in the range of USD 10-20/month.

* On 13/1/2021 Uganda’s government stopped internet services countrywide, as their preparation for the elections. That has disrupted our launch activities — the exact starting day is currently unknown.

So what next? Simply leave your email in the form below, and we will keep you updated!

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