Tailor-Made Tours in Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo — For Any Budget!

Best known for hiking and boating trips and partnerships with Batwa “Pygmies”, the team at Gorilla Highlands Ltd excels at putting together unique itineraries. Whether you are interested in the biggest attractions or off-the-beaten-path jewels of Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo, we are there for you. If you care about responsible tourism, we are your guys — and the World Responsible Tourism Award 2022 winners in the category of cultural heritage contributions.

Tailor-made does not need to mean expensive! Our transparent approach to costing and utmost flexibility (you can even opt for public transport or chopper rides if you wish) allow for experiences that suit any budget. With our guidance you will save money, guaranteed.

As we consult you, we are not reading from lists of bullet points (a plight of the tourism industry) but talk about things we have tried ourselves. Our lead advisor Miha Logar has spent 20+ years in the Gorilla Highlands region and seen almost everything. His colleagues bring in deep knowledge from: accessible travel, culinary tours, cycling adventures, educational trips, family tours, music scenes, nature conservation, photography expeditions, virtual experiences, volunteer tourism, women-only travel and more.

Let us schedule a video call with you, hear you out and get to work!

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The Highlights & Hidden Gems of the Region

Photos from Gorilla Highlands tours by Samantha Butler, Barbara Dolenc, Josh Hamby, Henriette Faye-Schjøll, Elizabeth Kamugisha, Marcus Westberg, Miha Logar, Olivier Tuyisenge, Jiro Ose, Francesco Sassano and Georg Schaumberger.