About Gorilla Highlands Ltd

photo: Marcus Westberg

Gorilla Highlands Limited is a Rwanda-based tour company built on the idea of a transboundary Gorilla Highlands region connecting Rwanda, western Uganda and eastern DR Congo. 20 years in the making, the company is a sister organisation of the the non-profit Gorilla Highlands Experts.

Its name comes from the unique selling point of the region, however, we go far beyond our extraordinary primates. Our goal is to unveil this fascinating area to discerning travellers from around the world. We want responsible travel to benefit local communities as much as possible while at the same time conserving the natural and cultural environment.

Our ethos of “Developmental, Lean & Mean” blends a well-proven organisational strategy with a deep commitment to the social and economic empowerment of the continent — and personal growth of the people we serve. “Lean and Mean” signifies our focus on customer satisfaction and maximisation of resources. “Developmental” is our guarantee to support the growth and well-being of both communities and individuals.

Gorilla Highlands Limited is led by Miha Logar and Ramadhan Sindayigaya and headquartered in Musanze in northern Rwanda. It strives to be a beacon of innovative and sustainable travel in the heart of Africa.

Get to know more about our team, mentality and plans: Lean & Mean Developments — For Travellers Who Care

photo: Jane Mulungi

Choosing to travel with us supports pioneering non-profit initiatives by Gorilla Highlands Experts. To get our full story please download the Gorilla Highlands Info Kit (4.5 MB).

For travel consultancy you can schedule a call or leave us a message.

Contact phone number: +250784112355 (calls and WhatsApp).

featured photo of Nyungwe National Park: Marcus Westberg