From Shock Snacks on Buses to Top Chefs on Boats

It’s a funny life, ain’t it? Here I am, organising a cooking competition — but being too busy to taste many of the savoury treats. And here I am, still, having my dearest friends assembled for Fisherman’s Fortune, a special adventure on a lake I love — but staying behind at the hotel because important…

Explore on Foot, Boat & Wheels

Choose among the tours, hikes and experiences across the Gorilla Highlands region and in four towns of Rwanda and Uganda! These all-inclusive trips are a small-scale alternative to commercial tourism, for a traveller who wishes to treat the cultures and environment with respect and learn something new on the way. Pick any date or see…

Introduction to the Region

JUMP-START YOUR ADVENTURE: There is a land that awaits discovery — of cultures and mammals and birds, smoking mountain tops and brilliant smiles.

Regional National Parks

TREK THEM OR TRACK THEM: A mother gorilla cuddles her young and a vast lava lake simmers — two faces of seven volcanoes and a timeless impenetrable forest.

Nearby National Parks

CHART YOUR SAFARI: Graceful giraffes lope through space, lions lounge in trees and hippos rule the waters where your African fantasies breathe to life.

Lakes, Lakes, Lakes

TAKE IT ALL IN: A dugout canoe with a solitary paddler unzips the placid surface, an ancient fishing vessel plies the lake, and a safe clean swim refreshes the soul.