Batwa Today (Batwa Tour near Lake Bunyonyi) /Uganda/

Batwa tour with spectacular views
Batwa Today next to Echuya Forest Reserve • photo: Miha Logar

If you are interested in a respectful visit to Batwa “Pygmies” of the Lake Bunyonyi area, this activity next to Echuya Forest has been prepared especially for you (for the background story you can listen to the 10th SEE AFRICA BREATHE AFRICA episode).

Our Batwa tour includes a nature walk on the verge of Echuya to showcase their extensive herbalist knowledge, however, the emphasis is on the way Batwa live today. And even more than that: and on friendly interaction with them!


  • enter the lost Batwa ”Pygmy” world on the edge of Echuya Forest Reserve
  • take a guided nature walk with a local expert
  • chat with the Batwa community of Rwamahano
  • admire stunning Lake Bunyonyi views


duration: 3 hours; difficulty: medium
area: Rwamahano, Echuya Forest Reserve
departures: daily

NB: Batwa Today does not include costumes and remaking of life in the bush. It is focused on how people live today. No Batwa group in the Gorilla Highlands stay in the forest anymore.

Price: USD 80 per person (USD 140 when one person only)
Includes guiding, all activities and tips, a cup of coffee/tea at Muko Campsite, a snack, a community contribution. It does not include your transport to Echuya Forest.

A children’s version of the activity is also available, for example for parents who would wish to do gorilla tracking in the meantime:


Road to Muko • photo: Marcus Westberg

This is our suggested Batwa Today program. The timing can be adjusted to your preferences.

9am: Departure from Lake Bunyonyi; our guide can meet you at any Bunyonyi place (or at Muko – see the map). Using the scenic road around Bunyonyi you will make it to the northern part of the lake.

10am: Arrival to Muko Campsite for a cup of coffee. Meeting Batwa “Pygmies” can be a challenging experience for a visitor due to their abject poverty, so our guide will spend some time here preparing you for that and explaining the background story.

Hunting demonstration by Batwa guides • photo: Marcus Westberg

11am: Start of a forest walk in Echuya Forest Reserve, explaining Batwa’s history and present in the forest, the flora and fauna of Echuya. There are two options:
(1) the longer 1.5-2 hour trail that is not demanding and therefore recommended for anyone; it takes you to the place where Batwa used to slaughter the animals they hunted;
(2) the shorter 30-45 minute trail that is meant for visitors who have trouble walking.

Chamaleon in Echuya Forest • photo: Marcus Westberg

The trails are circular and return to the starting point. A big group can be divided into two subgroups and people doing the short trail can wait at the bar, chat with locals and hear some stories.

12:30pm: Local bar moment; the owner will host us in a place full of interesting technologies. A table that keeps bottles from falling down is the local one.

1pm: A walk through the picturesque Rwamahano Batwa settlement, ending with a chat with the community; they expect their visitors to first tell them about themselves and why they came to Rwamahano. The exchange finishes with bows and arrows, dancing and singing.

2pm: Departure from Rwamahano; you can go to a place of your choice for evaluation and debriefing — we would wish to listen to your impressions.

Craft makers in the Batwa community of Rwamahano • photo by Marcus Westberg

Please schedule a call or leave us a message to learn more about this itinerary, express your needs and share your wishes.

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featured photo: Marcus Westberg