Introduction to the Region

JUMP-START YOUR ADVENTURE: There is a land that awaits discovery — of cultures and mammals and birds, smoking mountain tops and brilliant smiles.

Regional National Parks

TREK THEM OR TRACK THEM: A mother gorilla cuddles her young and a vast lava lake simmers — two faces of seven volcanoes and a timeless impenetrable forest.

Nearby National Parks

CHART YOUR SAFARI: Graceful giraffes lope through space, lions lounge in trees and hippos rule the waters where your African fantasies breathe to life.

Lakes, Lakes, Lakes

TAKE IT ALL IN: A dugout canoe with a solitary paddler unzips the placid surface, an ancient fishing vessel plies the lake, and a safe clean swim refreshes the soul.

Fascinating Cities & Towns

HAVE A BREAK: Amidst the natural grandeur humming airports, sparkling cities, smooth highways and unique urban culture define our modern Africa.

Less-Known Regional Attractions

GO BEYOND THE OBVIOUS: Antique spirits still animate the caves, waterfalls and bamboo forests of the Gorilla Highlands, where traditional healers cure your heart.