Meet Best Chefs of Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo

There’s magic in the air … and intoxicating smells … as sudden clouds of smoke appear and then disperse above workstations. Perhaps even some droplets of sweat trickle down under their hats… Four gentlemen and one lady are fighting for the right to be called the region’s best. It’s the afternoon shift of the 2019…

Introduction to the Region

JUMP-START YOUR ADVENTURE: There is a land that awaits discovery — of cultures and mammals and birds, smoking mountain tops and brilliant smiles.

Regional National Parks

TREK THEM OR TRACK THEM: A mother gorilla cuddles her young and a vast lava lake simmers — two faces of seven volcanoes and a timeless impenetrable forest.

Nearby National Parks

CHART YOUR SAFARI: Graceful giraffes lope through space, lions lounge in trees and hippos rule the waters where your African fantasies breathe to life.

Lakes, Lakes, Lakes

TAKE IT ALL IN: A dugout canoe with a solitary paddler unzips the placid surface, an ancient fishing vessel plies the lake, and a safe clean swim refreshes the soul.

Fascinating Cities & Towns

HAVE A BREAK: Amidst the natural grandeur humming airports, sparkling cities, smooth highways and unique urban culture define our modern Africa.

Less-Known Regional Attractions

GO BEYOND THE OBVIOUS: Antique spirits still animate the caves, waterfalls and bamboo forests of the Gorilla Highlands, where traditional healers cure your heart.