Become a Gorilla Highlands Champion

Has the Gorilla Highlands region touched your heart? You think you could help us tell the world how spectacular, exciting and safe it actually is? You can boost our messages immensely or contribute your own stories that change the way people perceive our part of Africa. From a changed image, opportunities for millions may grow.

How can you get involved?
• share content from and our social networks
• adopt the #gorillahighlands hashtag
• donate your photos or video materials
• write a blog post for Gorilla Highlands or other websites
• help us prepare and edit our blog and social media posts
• link us up with your local media to get space for great articles
• download our set of slides/prepare your own presentation for your friends
• represent us at trade fairs/other public events
• think of other possibilities in your circles

What are your benefits?
• access to the inner workings of an initiative like no other
• immense bragging rights and karma boost
• CV enrichment potential
• annual tour freebies and discounts for top 10 Champions
• percentages for Champions interested in getting clients for our Trails/Tours

Yes, I am ready to become a Gorilla Highlands Champion