Confessions: How an Anina Experience Changed My Life

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It was two years after I won at Miss Tourism and I appeared to be doing pretty well. But the result had turned my life upside down… Yes, I had found my calling in the tourism business and was receiving invitations to beauty pageants from around the world — but emotionally, I was a mess.

I had mentally separated from my partner months before I finally broke up with him. Family attachments felt like jail, taking away my freedom to live as my true self. I was deep in search of belonging, while also feeling a need to discover my own voice. People around me thought I seemed fulfilled, yet I honestly felt anything but.

I decided to quit my upcountry job and take a sabbatical in the city, hoping to maybe find myself there. Without an income to count on, I was also eager to find any job and get back on my feet. I thus signed up to support Anina, an extraordinary Slovenian lady preparing to do really unusual things between Rwanda and Uganda. The tour was eventually named the Find-Yourself Experience and I guess the title says it all. This prospective guiding job gave me a push to open up to Anina and taste her mind-boggling sessions…

I totally hate talking about personal things. They should be mine, right? But this baggage wasn’t mine to keep and Anina was open and willing to help. As an added advantage, I knew her from before.

When I first met Anina, she looked like a usual tourist of the backpacker sort, exploring Africa. We were introduced and didn’t really speak that much. I noticed that she was always disturbingly calm and composed and that she transmitted positive energy to everyone around her. She was definitely special. Later on, she sent me a gift, a colourful stone that I was to wear around my neck for inner strength. I still keep it.

One random mid-morning, a year or so later, I found myself on Facebook. There she was: Anina, waiting for me. I told her, quite briefly of course, about how I felt. She proceeded with a 30-minute online session that left me eternally grateful. It was a meditative call and I actually didn’t have to tell her much about my journey — she somehow felt me and understood me.

She sent healing energy towards me (I don’t know how it works but it does) and asked me to write down 10 things that I wanted to do away with. That included individuals that had hurt me, family members too, and I was filled with rage as I let my memories hit the paper. Urrrrgh! She sensed that and with her inner power she consumed my negative energy. After a few minutes I felt whole and pure.

I didn’t get to burn the papers but passionately tore them to pieces as I moved on with my newly refreshed self. I have noticed a better version of me since, a person that I wouldn’t trade for anything!

The experience has stayed with me and I am excited to be now able to share it with my fellow East Africans. I have found a cute place in Kinigi, Villa Gorilla, and in Entebbe, Via Via, where Anina’s Power Wellness is going to take place, with her participating virtually (as it suits the era). We are going to come together for a weekend, help each other and be assisted by Anina on the screen. Are you interested?

… You know what? EVERYBODY should be interested! We only have one life to live, and we need to heal ourselves before we can enjoy it fully. Watch the video below, check out the program of Kinigi Power Wellness and Entebbe Power Wellness and enroll!

Our first gathering will take place on 24-25 October 2020 but if you put your own group together we can do it for you folks (almost) any time!

text: Jane Mulungi