Want to Connect With Africa?

Gorilla Highlands Experts are 20+ local and global specialists — from park rangers to culinary masters — who will help you fully enjoy the Gorilla Highlands region shared by Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo. Moreover, by joining us you will support a great cause: assist people who have been painfully affected by the pandemic’s impact on tourism.

Washington Post
April 2021

Gorillas can only thrive if the communities around national parks are doing well and are motivated to keep wildlife safe — see more in the Washington Post article about us.

And what’s in it for you? We can help you dream and plan, organise every aspect of your in-person travel (compatible with any budget), prepare virtual trips, or simply assist you with an independent adventure. You are going to save money and time with us, and get an experience unobtainable anywhere else. We promise to not just inform but also de-stress and entertain you through an online community, unique resources and special events.

Some examples of our skills: cuisine (Ramadhan Sindayigaya, RW), primatology (Amy Porter, USA), music (Joe Kahiri, UG), conservation (Charlotte Beauvoisin, UK), ecotourism (Gloria Mwenge, DRC), photography (Marcus Westberg, SE), gorilla tracking (Moses Turinawe, UG), coffee (Julius Wetala, UG) and park management (Sarah Hall, AU).

Positioned right in the heart of Africa, Rwanda will be your perfect soft landing, with its neighbours Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo providing all the excitement you could possibly wish for …

Believe us, travel becomes something else altogether with proper preparation; your experience of Africa will be much deeper, happier and safer with us — especially if you agree that tourism should be responsible. You will benefit from local perspectives, historical detail and colour.

Your access to Gorilla Highlands Experts comes with a minimum price tag: a one-time donation of USD 35 (or as little as RWF 5,000 if you are a citizen) will assure your membership for the rest of 2021. This is what you will get, in addition to the nice feeling that you are supporting something good:

• the Daily Dose with educational, relaxing and inspiring stories from the region, monthly packaged into a digital magazine
• a weekly Live Q&A Session with our experts that informs the SEE AFRICA BREATHE AFRICA podcast
Video In-Sights on various topics, presented as online courses with a personal touch
Groups to chat with experts, find travel buddies who share your interests, and more

As our member you will also be invited to exclusive annual events like the Gorilla Highlands Mega Trek or the Silverchef cooking competition.

Excited? Definitely register for a complimentary month!