Overview of Food Experiences

photo: Miha Logar

While we make sure that every meal on our trips is wonderful, we also offer activities especially for guests who love to eat and drink well and explore new culinary horizons. You can integrate them into your tour itineraries or take them separately.

Kigali Food Foray (City Culinary Tour) /Rwanda/

  • explore the Belgian, East African and Asian influences in Rwanda’s cuisine
  • snack at a typical city food kiosk for a fruit & pastry plate with fermented milk
  • appreciate Kigali’s latest veggie wrap innovation
  • taste raw honey and learn about herbs
  • dive into the final open-air dinner
  • take in the cool of the city by night as you wander around

Chef Rama’s Afrofusion /Kigali or anywhere in the region/

  • begin with Bantou Balls: orbs of mashed beans, corn and nuts, infused with basil-like Umwenya leaves
  • as your main course try Mama Africa: beef stew with posho/mashed potato, dodo (spinach) and pickled onions, or
  • Crispy Tilapia: a fish fillet with fondant potatoes, baby spinach and olive salsa
  • end with a delectable fusion of millet, ghee, nuts, and honey

Musanze Chocolate Treat /Rwanda/

  • visit Rwanda’s only chocolate factory and taste its sweet fruits
  • obtain a new understanding of chocolate, nutrition and socio-economic development, provided by a Belgian agricultural engineer
  • optional: add USD 50 and hire the facility for up to half a day, making your own chocolate and even packaging!

Bunyonyi Dugout Dining (Canoe-Based Food Tour) /Uganda/

• get picked up from your hotel by a knowledgeable guide in a traditional dugout canoe
• discover the intriguing world of Edirisa
• see how the lake’s famous crayfish are caught and prepared
• enjoy a sumptuous buffet meal in a treehouse (you can even help make it, if you fancy learning how to cook local dishes)

Kisoro Coffee Blast /Uganda/

  • let coffee facts blow your mind (have you been doing it wrong all along?)
  • spend quality time with a lovely local family — growing, processing and roasting coffee
  • add unique stuff to your Instagram collection with a beautiful lake in the background
  • get a free gift, a little bag of coffee

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featured photo: Miha Logar