About the Gorilla Highlands Initiative

Gorilla Highlands Initiative gathering at Cephas Inn during the second GH Silverchef (2016)

Introduction to the Initiative

Started by Edirisa in 2011, the Gorilla Highlands Initiative was the informal predecessor of Gorilla Highlands Experts. Established to use tourism as a tool of economic and social development, it was a loose cooperative marketing a region consisting of Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo. The mission was to successfully brand and promote this area in a manner that would bring an increase in responsible, sustainable and culturally sensitive tourism. We put particular stress on tourism helping the bottom-of-the-pyramid inhabitants of the region, in terms of both income and self-respect. In 2013 we won a World Summit Award for an interactive ebook.

For a more detailed history of the Gorilla Highlands idea please see the blog series.

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Stay in Touch: GH News

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photo: Abby Bluth; featured photo: Marcus Westberg