Overview of Multi-Day Treks

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Would you like to trek deep into remote areas, to camp and dine with rural families? Or do you prefer luxurious lodges? Whatever multi-day hiking option you choose, you will spend as much time as possible with local people in Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo*, basking in their warm hospitality and easy-going nature. Giving them a source of income and pride is a crucial aspect of these treks.

* The Thriving Countryside trek can bring you to Goma, and — by tapping into the Congo Nile Trail — to Bukavu as well. We are happy to help with any arrangements in the DRC. It’s pretty amazing.

Gorilla Highlands Trails

Let excellent  local guides change your perception of what an African safari can be like
Guided on the Gorilla Highlands Trails; photo by Marcus Westberg

2-Day Hikes

Mama Bena’s Bonus /Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda/

Our Canoe Trekking on Lake Bunyonyi options include Mama Bena’s Bonus (2 days, USD 220). This 2-day trek entails getting to know all major islands of Bunyonyi, climbing Karembe Hill, staying with the famous Mama Bena and meeting Batwa “Pygmies”. If you add a night at Tom’s Homestay and a craftmaker session it turns into the 3-day Mother of All Treks package. Click here for more.

Valley of No Living /SW Uganda/

The Valley of No Living trek (2 days, USD 220) takes you between Lake Bunyonyi and Rushaga (Bwindi) through the remotest, least spoiled areas. More…

3-Day Hikes

The two 3-day hikes below can be joined into a one-week Ultimate Hike.

Don’t miss the Dutch Ultimate Hike pictorial from May 2021!

Volcano Quest /SW Uganda/

Volcano Quest (3 days, USD 310) means hiking from Lake Bunyonyi to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and let a Batwa “Pygmy” leader guide you through the wilderness of Echuya Forest. You will spend both nights on the way at lake campsites far away from any tourism, hosted by local families. More…

Parks Reunited /SW Uganda/

Relaxation at Mutanda Island Lodge; photo by Miha Logar

Parks Reunited (3 days, USD 310) reconnects Bwindi and Mgahinga, two parts of an ancient forest. you camp on a gorgeous tiny island on Lake Mutanda, experience a famous caldera, visit a coffee producer and get served great restaurant meals. More…

4-Day Hikes

Three Upland Lakes /SW Uganda/

Three Upland Lakes (4 days, USD 390) is a trek that shares the first two days with Volcano Quest but then turns north towards Lake Mutanda and Bwindi‘s Rushaga gate. More…

Thriving Countryside /NW Rwanda/

Thriving Countryside (4 days, USD 430) bridges the gap between the Gorilla Highlands Trails in Uganda and the Congo Nile Trail. It gives you a taste of Rwanda’s rural development while you trek along the Virunga volcanoes, marvel at awesome views and enjoy Lake Burera. More …

Congo Nile Trail

Unlike the Gorilla Highlands Trails, Rwanda’s government-supported Congo Nile Trail is clearly marked with signposts and suitable for independent exploration — on foot or by mountain bike. On the other hand, we also have specialised guides that can enrich your experience, we can get you a support vehicle and anything else you might desire. Black dots on our map represent proposed overnight stays. More …

Canoe Trekking on Lake Bunyonyi /Uganda/

Mama Bena; photo by Marcus Westberg

Lake Bunyonyi is the origin of the Gorilla Highlands Trails. In 2005 a combination of dugout canoeing and hiking called canoe trekking was started by a Bunyonyi-based social enterprise Edirisa, as a means to get to villages and areas that nobody else visits. Accommodation is tented but in most cases upgrades are possible.

Mama Bena’s Bonus (2-Day Canoe Trek)

Mama Bena’s Bonus (2 days, USD 220) includes getting to know all major islands, climbing Karembe Hill, staying with the famous Mama Bena and meeting Batwa “Pygmies”. More …

Mother of All Treks (3-Day Canoe Trek)

Mother of All Treks (3 days, USD 280) adds Tom’s Homestay and a morning with a craftmaker to the program of Mama Bena’s Bonus. More …