Musanze Walking Tour /Rwanda/

Volcano vista from GOICO Plaza • photo: Miha Logar

Get an insider’s introduction to Musanze, a booming African town whose appearance is like nothing you might have assumed … Overlooked by a string of volcanoes you will get it all: from a fascinating rural shopping mall to friendly cassava beaters and awesome gorilla defenders.


  • get to know the remarkable work of Gorilla Doctors
  • visit Rwanda’s only chocolate factory
  • chat with a tailor and a second-hand sock seller  
  • dive into African hairstyles, wigs and other embellishments 
  • appreciate high quality fine art and topnotch creative solutions
Pre-owned sock seller • photo: David Esteban


duration: 5-6 hours; difficulty: easy
area: central Musanze
departures: daily at 8am and 1pm

Price: USD 45 per person (USD 80 when one person only)
Includes guiding, all activities and tips, a cup of coffee and a chocolate gift.


Walking from GOICO Plaza • photo: David Esteban

A shopping mall as a start of a tour? It might sound boring but this is not your typical buying spree … GOICO Plaza is the microcosm of Musanze, a world by itself. Your guide will arrange a date with a young tailor, a chat with a seller of second-hand socks (!) and a chance to get great views from the roof, but that’s just scratching the surface. You might get lost in GOICO’s wonders for hours … Like, do you know the purpose of big decorated metallic boxes and what they are made of? And do you have enough warm clothes for this cool area?

Mama at work • photo: Enya Logar

Across the street works a welcoming hairdresser who might blow your mind. Are you aware of the fact that very few female hairstyles you have noticed around are made of natural hair?

Football fans on the streets of Musanze • photo: David Esteban

GOICO doesn’t include fresh food items but don’t worry, we have it all covered!  You are already moving towards the vegetable market where ladies pound cassava leaves for sombe, a true Rwandan specialty. If you haven’t experienced the whole collection of fruits and vegetables available in the Gorilla Highlands region, this is the place and the moment!

Cassava pounding • photo: David Esteban

As you stroll past the main hospital, you will hear about Rwanda’s interesting health insurance scheme. People’s contributions are based on their economic prowess, estimated by local leaders (who are sometimes tempted to inflate their area’s progress).

Mountain gorilla at Inshuti • photo: Miha Logar

Before you take a sharp turn towards the Gorilla Doctors’ office, we will get you a cup of great coffee at Crema and introduce you to the excellent Inshuti Arts Centre. We won’t disturb the doctors for long, however, it’s important to see who is literally saving (hairy) lives!

Musanze’s chocolate output • photo: Miha Logar

The final stop of your walk is the unique chocolate production team that also makes all kinds of packaging for local businesses. There will be some sweet tasting and you will certainly not leave empty-handed!

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featured photo: Miha Logar