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Maani and Enya at Lake Cerknica in Slovenia

This is the queen of bloggers Enya Logar (ENYA!!! ENYA!!! ENYA!!! Yeah!!! She’s so amazing! ENYA!!! ENYA!!! ENYA!!!). … Shhh I know I’m pretty amazing but quiet down, and let me begin.

So I guess you have all heard about New Year’s at Tom’s Homestay? For those who don’t know, what rock have you been living under these past years?! It is the most exciting part of the year for the Gorilla Highlands community. We get to sit around a campfire and sing and dance with the Batwa (of course they’re invited, what type of celebration doesn’t have the best dancers?!). Then we have food cooked by Tom and his family. After the meal the festivities continue, we play fun games and win prizes. Then at around midnight we go to the lake in canoes with candles to light and let flow on the lake. It is so tots amaz (totally amazing – if you didn’t know that, you SUCK!) because it’s so beautiful with the lights and the water reflecting it… you just have to be there.

Maani skiing

But that’s not what I actually wanted to talk about! You see, for the first time in a long time my brother Maani had his first Christmas in Slovenia. He was so happy. 😊

We were supposed to go there in the summer like every other year. But we didn’t because my aunt Klara got sick. Then my grandmother had to take care of my baby cousin Arne. Then we spent the summer at Kabale.

But we enjoyed staying in Europe for christmas. We got to do lots of exciting things like skating, skiing, making snow men and having snow ball fights. We also visited our relatives. And we had our New Year’s Eve there instead of spending it with Tom, unlike so many years before.

That was an improvement because at Tom’s my dad doesn’t always wake me up. But I managed to stay up all night in Slovenia! Don’t you guys agree my dad needs to work on how to get people up for a special occasion?! (Even worse, my brother doesn’t help one bit.) I call that betrayal I say… BETRAYAL!!! … And you all know the saying an eye for an eye *haaaa* *haaaaa* (evil laughing). You didn’t hear that from me!

Even if I got sick for most of our time in Europe, I had three really great weeks there and I hope to go there in winter again.🎄

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