Pokémon Get Real at Lake Bunyonyi

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Enya and Maani on a boda boda; photo by Miha Logar

Hi, on Monday I went on an amazing adventure in the GORILLA HIGHLANDS. But I’m writing about it today, as I don’t want to be blogging on the first day of the week because it reminds me of school. So I bet you are wondering what I did (if you weren’t, I would be surprised)…

I was woken up rudely by my dad to look for Pokémon. I didn’t understand what he meant.

From a TV show and a computer game I knew that a Pokémon is a mystical creature that you can collect. The name comes from “Pocket Monster”. Then you can keep it and use it in battle at a place called the Gym to gain badges. There are so many Pokémon! These are some examples: Alakazam, Goldeen, Venonat, Machoke, Kangaskhan, Hypno, Electabuzz, Flareon, Blastoise and Stantler. … I almost forgot to tell you how to catch one! Well, it is very simple, you just throw a Poké Ball on or near such a creature.

So what was my dad talking about?


I got dressed and put on my walking shoes because my dad said we would be walking around our LAKE BUNYONYI. When I got out of the room I asked him what he meant. He said it was a game on his phone called POKÉMON GO, where you are supposed to move around the area and look for Pokémon and PokéStops (these are places in the world where you get prizes when you reach them).

Pokemon at Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda, Africa - screenshot 1

EDIRISA is on a peninsula so at first we only saw a lot of water around us. We went up the hill to the church, joined a road that was on the phone screen and were thrilled to catch our first Pokémon! It was Pidgey. I didn’t catch it though, my brother Maani did (I would have caught if I wasn’t so tired).

The next one we found was further down the road. It was a cute tinny Weedel. Then we went to BUNYONYI SAFARIS RESORT to buy water for my headache (my head was hurting so much). After I drank it I felt so much better.

Pokemon at Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda, Africa - screenshot 2

We were tired but the phone showed us a PokéStop further ahead and that was exciting. We decided to continue our journey to see what prizes it held. We also encountered lovely views on the way.

Lake Bunyonyi while looking for Pokemon; photo by Miha Logar

The phone led us to BUNYONYI OVERLAND RESORT. The PokéStop was located at the gorilla statue where we found another Pidgey and a Goldeen and got 3 Poké Balls.

Pokemon at Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda, Africa - screenshot 3

We continued to RUTINDA, the closest market place, where I visited a gift shop. I picked a little box and expected it to be containing coasters but instead a small toy snake popped out and startled me!

Enya shopping at Rutinda; photo by Miha Logar

It was time for breakfast, therefore we hurried back home on boda-bodas.

Boarding a boda boda at Rutinda; photo by Miha Logar

Check on my blog again next week for another FABTASTIC adventure, this time in a CANOE!

text: Enyanja Kanyunyuzi Logar