Spacey’s Booty Goes to Bootcamp – What About Yours?

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Spacey from Marasa is already looking for suitable means of transport… She needs to reach Lake Bunyonyi in about a month, to join a cool group of tourism, marketing and multimedia pros at the Gorilla Highlands Bootcamp from 18 to 22 November 2017.

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn’t do,” says Spacey when her boss Mako is around. She knows she is being sent to Bunyonyi to change, reform and grow (and give Mako some time to breathe).

“The fact is I want to try out activities that will help me cleanse my soul and achieve an ever firmer booty, so I am perfect for the GH Bootcamp,” she admits privately.

Will your bring your behind too? … How do you mean, you didn’t know?! We have been promoting this special activity since the beginning of 2017! We clearly showed the world how great it was last year!

OK, time to help those who don’t like clicking on links: What is this GH Bootcamp all about? You could call it a … mixture of a canoe-based fam trip, lectures and discussions. We wish to familiarise you with our lake, our region, and the Gorilla Highlands initiative.

Well, we’ve got news for you: you are not too late! There’s a form at the bottom of this blog post – fill it in before 20 October 2017.

How much does it cost? Nothing. Your job is to get your booty to Lake Bunyonyi and back, the rest is up to us.

The program:

Sat 18/11:

arrival at Edirisa on Lake Bunyonyi before 1pm
introduction to the Gorilla Highlands initiative (such sessions then continue throughout the bootcamp)
two-hour Touch of Bunyonyi canoeing trip

Sun 19/11:

half-a-day Culture on the Crest trek, followed by an island overnight at Tom’s Homestay

Mon 20/11:

motorised trip to Batwa Today in Echuya Forest
visits to Bunyonyi/Kabale accommodation providers

Tue 21/11 – Wed 22/11:

2-day Mama Bena’s Bonus canoe trek

NB: Your stay can be extended past Wednesday.

For more info please WhatsApp +256 776 558 123.

I Wanna Join GH Bootcamp 18-22/11 2017

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