Thanks, 2016!

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Lake Nabugabo in central Uganda where I spent Christmas 2016, the best ever; photo by Miha Logar
Lake Nabugabo in central Uganda where I spent Christmas 2016, the best Christmas ever; photo by Miha Logar

Here in the Gorilla Highlands we respect the old. No Omugurusi, Umusaza or Mzee should be mistreated, no newborn could possibly be more important than those who have seen it all.

So the way everybody seems to be eager to beat 2016 off the stage to clear space for 2017 feels profoundly wrong.

Secondly, as a grey-haired person myself, I have to confidentially tell you that the chances of the new year turning out to be worse than the old one are uncomfortably high. I can feel it in my bones.

Thirdly and lastly, 2016 has actually been tremendous for me.

I used to be used to constant struggle. Working hard, toiling for something, was my driving force and my pride. It defined not only my professional but personal life as well. For instance, I’ve heard from a number of people at different stages of my life that some woman was a good match for me because she was a handful…

That all changed this year. I discovered easiness or, to use two words, effortless existence.

… Or perhaps I was introduced to it? 2016 also happens to be the year when I made a very special friend, Anina. We prepared a fantastic tour concept together, the Find-Yourself Experience in Rwanda and Uganda (stay tuned), and maybe in the process I found myself too?

But in some ways easiness has always been with me. I’ve been sporadically able to subconsciously call the right people and events into my life, or to follow the call myself. That’s why I’m in East Africa after all (I guess).

When you take your stress away, when you open your mind to possibilities, when you feel easy, great things can happen.

I wish you effortlessness and greatness in 2017, my readers! For myself, on the other hand, I humbly wish enough time to complete everything I failed to finish in 2016 … Between squeezing the last juice out of myself and fully living the beginning of a beautiful relationship I chose the latter. I consider that an achievement.

text: Miha Logar