Overview of Example Tour Itineraries

photo: Marcus Westberg

The itineraries presented below were prepared to help you have the best possible time at the intersection of Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo — in the spectacular Gorilla Highlands region. They are meant as an inspiration and a starting point for our travel consultancy. You could mix and match, shorten and prolong, and pick very selectively. For instance, you don’t need to be a gourmet to appreciate the elements of our food tour proposal!

Our examples exclude the obvious: short trips to do gorilla tracking or tours that just connect safari national parks. We can do that too, but we recommend you first explore numerous enrichments available.

Unless stated otherwise, the region’s attractions are connected by good roads and abound in overnight options. You can opt for anything from camping to upmarket lodges as you stay next to rare primates, climbable volcanoes and staggeringly beautiful lakes that are safe for swimming. The region is compact enough to allow for short visits chock-full of attractions but if you have a couple of weeks at your disposal, you will get enough time to absorb the richness.

It makes most sense to access our region through Rwanda’s Kigali; compared to flying through Uganda’s Entebbe you will probably save at least a day on the road. Congo’s Goma has an international airport as well.

4-Day Orientation for Volunteers & Inquisitive Travellers

  • get to know the cultures of the Gorilla Highlands region
  • taste an unusual African city
  • tour a rural town
  • camp in a village on a remote island
  • walk through a protected forest

5-Day Gastronomy Tour

  • become a VIP at a regional cooking competition or a top chef’s island treat
  • get teased, tempted and tantalised with local delights
  • bite into a crocodile steak on the shores of Lake Victoria
  • feast on Lake Bunyonyi‘s specialty — crayfish
  • wonder at the Kisoro coffee tour
  • fish by night with Lake Burera fishermen
  • learn about chocolate from a Belgian expert
  • dine at two of Kigali’s best restaurants

7-Day Family Tour with Young Children

  • have a blast in the savannah of Akagera National Park
  • look for monkeys in Nyungwe National Park
  • take a motorboat ride on two very different lakes
  • give your kids a chance to touch different aspects of Rwanda

8-Day Hiking Tour with a Taste of the Savannah

  • experience the best of our Ultimate Hike on a condensed schedule
  • track mountain gorillas in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park
  • visit Lake Mburo National Park for a safari bonus
  • take in some nightlife in the city of Mbarara

10-Day Spiritual Tour

  • explore yourself with the help of an intuitive healer
  • get to know your subconscious mind and how it affects you
  • maximise your potential at all life levels
  • connect with local people in a deep, powerful way
  • feel the raw energy of the savannah in Akagera National Park
  • open your heart to the breathtaking beauty of Lake Bunyonyi
  • track gorillas, hike or simply admire the dormant border volcanoes
  • find peace on the sandy beaches of Lake Kivu

12-Day Primates, Cruises & Cheese Tour

  • cruise on pretty Lake Kivu, on both the Rwandan and the Congolese side
  • visit the endangered Grauer’s gorillas in Kahuzi-Biega National Park
  • enjoy a day in Nyungwe National Park with chimps and canopy walking
  • relax or hike on a diary farm in eastern DR Congo
  • marvel at the endless tea plantations of Gisovu
  • see Bukavu, the prettiest city of Lake Kivu (and further)

21-Day Adventure Tour

  • bike, trek, dugout canoe and raft through Rwanda and Uganda
  • meet gorillas, chimpanzees, tree-climbing lions, elephants, giraffes, …
  • lose yourself in amazing cultures
  • unveil astonishing history
  • experience a fantastic variety of landscapes

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featured photo: Marcus Westberg