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photo: Jiro Ose, Marcus Westberg and Vincent Mugaba

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Silverfoodie Tour

Do you think the Gorilla Highlands region isn’t a proper destination for a real foodie? Allow this draft tour package to challenge that perception … It was made to bring special guests to the annual Gorilla Highlands Silverchef but it can be taken any time — with Chef Rama’s exclusive island meal being the highlight instead! No matter when you do it, Silverfoodie will reveal both popular and lesser known treats, regional and international feasts.


  • become a VIP at Silverchef or at Chef Rama’s island treat
  • get teased, tempted and tantalised with local delights
  • bite into a crocodile steak on the shores of Lake Victoria
  • feast on Lake Bunyonyi‘s specialty — crayfish
  • wonder at the Kisoro coffee tour
  • fish by night with Lake Burera fishermen
  • learn about chocolate from a Belgian expert
  • dine at two of Kigali’s best restaurants


area: Kampala – Lake Victoria – Mbarara – Lake Bunyonyi – Kisoro – Musanze (- Lake Burera) – Nyingarama – Kigali – Kampala
mode of transport: car
total days on the ground: 5

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DAY 1 (Kampala – Croc Farm – Mbarara)

There will be no big need to wake up early today! From Kampala we will take you to Equator Crocs for lunch, a farm on Lake Victoria that is about an hour away. Mouthwatering crocodile meat will be served with views of the huge lake.

photo: Bernarda Nemec

Three hours further on the road to Rwanda, our delicious overnight will take place in the land of the long-horned Ankole cows. A lavish traditional buffet in Mbarara will end the first day in true style. The site of feasting and sleeping: Emburara Farm Lodge in the rolling hills just outside of Uganda’s second biggest city.

photo: courtesy of Emburara Farm Lodge

DAY 2 (Mbarara – Musanze)

Before breakfast you will get some quality time with the legendary cattle (we certainly can’t leave the area without checking on them!) and if you are adventurous enough you will even milk them.

Next we will continue to the land of obushera. This sorghum beer will make you a believer … or not Captivating Lake Bunyonyi is the “place of many little birds” and – increasingly – many great meals. It’s primarily known in Uganda for its crayfish and that will be the delicacy served at BirdNest Resort.

After lunch we will take the beautiful jaw-dropping drive to Kisoro for a coffee tour. It will be an impressive introduction to the culture and science of coffee at a local farm.

We will then cross the Rwandan border and stop at a factory that celebrates the region’s top produce: Irish potatoes! The tour of the Winnaz Potato Chips plant will be led by the production manager who has been with the company from the very start.

photo: David Esteban

We will settle in Musanze under the volcanoes, not far from the lovely little Isange Restaurant with the best chicken in the region. Another special place, well within walking distance, is the main food market with ladies who pound cassava. Sombe, a cassava leaves specialty, is a meal that sings “Rwanda”.

And if you seek a slice of adventure,  an optional side trip with Lake Burera fishermen will illuminate your night …

photo: Marcus Westberg

DAY 3 (Musanze/Lake Burera)

Finally, the crescendo day of the trip, with one of the two options:

a) sampling food at Gorilla Highlands Silverchef. Best chefs of Rwanda, Uganda and Congo cook two dishes, using secret ingredients, and you will help judging them (and licking your lips).

b) visiting Lake Burera’s Cyuza Island to be treated to the mastery of Chef Rama, Rwanda’s first (and so far only) Silverchef winner! To get an idea of what could be on offer, see Ramadhan at the 2021 Online Picnic at the same location:

DAY 4 (Musanze – Kigali)

Have you collected any gifts for your loved ones just yet? This is a special opportunity: before leaving Musanze you will meet a Belgian chocolatier, Patrick. He makes the only Rwandan chocolate, in all shapes and forms, and you will take part in a sweet hour of tasting and browsing.

photo: Miha Logar

Have you ever wondered where Rwanda’s famous chilli sauce Akabanga comes from? On the two-hour journey to Kigali you will be visiting the very source at Nyirangarama!

Your lunch will be at one of Kigali’s top restaurants, selected by Chef Rama himself. In the afternoon he will take you to his office at Griffith Foods, a regional food lab, and tell you what is cooking on the African continent … After all the eating an easy stroll within the Kigali city centre will probably be most welcome? It will include a spectacular drink venue: Ubumwe Grande Hotel with 360-degree views of Kigali!

For your dinner, Rama will introduce you to another of his restaurant picks.

photo: David Esteban

DAY 5 (Kigali – Kampala)

If you are Kampala-based, this is going to be a long day back … But we will make sure your lunch is another highlight, don’t worry about that!

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featured photo: Vincent Mugaba