Gorilla Highlands Trails /Uganda, Rwanda/

On the Gorilla Highlands Trails routes, experienced guides will take you through breath-takingly beautiful valleys and across mysterious lakes, over heavily cultivated slopes and deep into ancient rainforests. They come from all the ethnic groups of the Gorilla Highlands region — Banyarwanda, Bafumbira, Batwa “Pygmies” and Bakiga — assuring you will get a cultural insight like no other. Overnight stays are usually spent in spacious tents on family compounds, however, accommodation upgrades are possible; there are tourist facilities in most of the areas.

Trips (for more see Lake Bunyonyi Activities in Uganda and Lake Burera Activities in Rwanda):

2-day Valley of No Living (USD 220, Uganda) takes you between Lake Bunyonyi and Rushaga (Bwindi) through the remotest, least spoiled areas.

3-day Volcano Quest and Parks Reunited (USD 310, Uganda) link up Lake Bunyonyi and Mgahinga and also connect Mgahinga to Bwindi. They can be combined into the one-week Ultimate Hike.

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4-day Three Upland Lakes (USD 390, Uganda) shows you Lakes Bunyonyi, Kayumbu and Mutanda as it leads you to Rushaga (Bwindi).

4-day Thriving Countryside (USD 430, Rwanda) is a hike under the Virunga Volcanoes providing a connection to the Congo Nile Trail.

Imbabazi is the highlight of the Thriving Countryside trek

featured photo by Alexandra Elderfield