Treks to Gorilla National Parks

Gorilla Highlands Trails take you to the edge of gorilla national parks; photo by Alexandra Elderfield

Gorilla Highlands Trails take you to the edge of gorilla national parks; photo by Alexandra Elderfield

Overview of Treks to Gorilla National Parks

UPDATE, April 2019: The trekking pages are being remade. In the meantime please use the Edirisa booking system for the details and reservations.

Gorilla Highlands Trails in Rwanda and Uganda

Would you like to trek deep into remote areas, to camp and dine with rural families? Or do you prefer the comfort of luxurious lodges? The Gorilla Highlands Trails, a transboundary system of guided trips, can offer both.

Whatever option you choose, you will spend as much time as possible with local people in Rwanda and Uganda, basking in their warm hospitality and easy-going nature. Giving them a source of income and pride is the most significant aspect of these treks.

Experienced guides will take you through breath-takingly beautiful valleys and across mysterious lakes, over heavily cultivated slopes and deep into ancient rainforests. They come from all the ethnic groups of the Gorilla Highlands region – Banyarwanda, Bafumbira, Batwa “Pygmies” and Bakiga – assuring you will get a cultural insight like no other.

Overnight stays are usually spent in spacious tents on family compounds, however, accommodation upgrades are possible; there are tourist facilities in most of the areas.

Trips (for more see Canoe Trekking on Lake Bunyonyi):

Half-Day Fisherman’s Fortune (from USD 40) is a cultural walk from Lake Burera to Cyanika (Ugandan border) and includes a session with Burera fishermen.

1-day Thriving Countryside (from USD 90) is a demanding hike on the edge of the Virunga Volcanoes that connects Kinigi and Cyanika.

2-day Valley of No Living (from USD 190) takes you between Lake Bunyonyi and Rushaga (Bwindi) through the remotest, least spoiled areas.

3-day Volcano Quest and Parks Reunited (from USD 250) link up Lake Bunyonyi and Mgahinga and connect Mgahinga to Bwindi. They can be combined into the one-week Ultimate Hike.

4-day Three Upland Lakes (from USD 250) shows you Lakes Bunyonyi, Kayumbu and Mutanda as it leads you to Rushaga (Bwindi).

5-day Rainforest Ramble (from USD 420) starts like Three Upland Lakes but includes Bwindi crossing.