We Are Still Alive. Very Alive. In 3 Countries!

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Rainy greetings from Nyungwe National Park where the Gorilla Highlands team has embarked on the last week of our photography and video work. We have already fully traversed Volcanoes NP and on Monday we will take on Akagera NP.

In addition to our main star Marcus Westberg (see the video above), the host of “Adventures with Izy” has been facing many of her phobias and physical limitations, duly recorded by Miha Logar.

Love nature, conquer your fears; photo by Marcus Westberg

This will be the third chapter of the unconventional travel show whose beginning you can watch on YouTube. The second involved two Swedish hikers hiking through southwestern Uganda for two weeks; Isabelle Masozera walked with them for a day. That left her in a walking coma that made it impossible for her to join them atop Mt Nyiragongo in eastern DR Congo. Trust us, you are going to want to watch this (one glorious day next month)!

However, it’s Rwanda’s time right now to get all our love! Marcus’s photography will help us include the entire country in the Easter edition of the GH Pocket Guide and expand the website. The biggest beneficiary of the new photo libraries will be the relaunched Gorilla Highlands ebook that Ian Cantwell is currently researching in Kigali. It shall see Rwanda added to its award-winning content.

Seriously imbalanced…

Our video work in Rwanda goes far beyond “Adventures with Izy”. The Video Map has until now only featured Akagera and Gisenyi/Rubavu while we have caputred dozens of Ugandan attractions. Years ago, Uganda Wildlife Authority welcomed us into the country’s top national parks and now the Rwanda Development Board is helping us balance the picture.

And then … there will be Congo. We are hoping that ebola dies out and stability prevails so that by the time the summer Pocket Guide is out, we have the eastern DRC on its pages, on the Video Map and in the ebook. We have been working on this for a while! Eastern Congo + entire Rwanda + western Uganda is the fabulous region we have been dreaming of.

This is a huge territory that we plan to connect in our coverage through transport routes, just like a traveller would. Throughout March we have been drumming up advertiser support on these routes to make the Easter Pocket Guide possible (the deadline for new ads is 29 March 2019 and the details are here).

Once all these demanding projects are under our belt, we will again engage you more frequently through our social media pages. We cannot wait to share with you the beauty we have been capturing!

Reaching your peak in the mountains; photo by Marcus Westberg