GH Bootcamp: From Bunyonyi with Love

Tomorrow’s interview with Festo Karwemera and video recording at BirdNest@Bunyonyi will wind up the Gorilla Highlands Bootcamp 2016. Envisaged to inform and inspire MYL, the Gorilla Highlands team in Kigali, it has grown into something bigger and something definitely worth repeating in 2017.


Saturday evening: Bootcampers await the canoe to take them to Edirisa and avoid the rough last stretch of the road.


The ample Sunday breakfast, shared with the SafeMotos team on retreat; Edirisa hosted about 30 passenger motorbike drivers from Kigali.


Yakub demonstrating the joy of swimming in Lake Bunyonyi.


Miha introducing the Gorilla Highlands initiative and Edirisa; the presentation was also enjoyed by Sabina and her dad who were about to track gorillas and then hike back to Bunyonyi in two days.


Bootcampers joined the SafeMotos guys during their hike to Arcadia Cottages to marvel at the views.


It is always handy to have a strong Mukiga on your team! Vianney was a real gentleman.


Debating the future of the Gorilla Highlands Pocket Guide in front of Miha’s home.


After a heavy, short rainfall a gorgeous evening invited everybody to Tom’s Homestay on Habukomi Island. This was Isabelle’s second time ever in a canoe, yesterday being her first.


A photographer’s dream light! Enock had to smile.


Miha typing an email dispatch for Gorilla Highlands supporters around the world while Isabelle is selecting images for social media use.


Eric’s enanga music gave the island overnight a special cultural feel …


… and Penny’s alternative struck hilarious tones.


Edirisa guides were amazed by the energy and noise of their visitors.


Raw honey was the main attraction of the Monday breakfast served by Tom’s family.


The interview with Tom for the Gorilla Highlands blog.


You can paddle with a spoon as well, Justine proved again on the way to Bushara Island.


To help the semi-frozen female part of the team, the Isabelle-led marketing plan debate took place on Miha’s bed, with an electric heater turned on. It can get cold at 2,000 metres!


Tuesday was devoted to Batwa Today in Echuya Forest.


Batwa being the poorest of the poor, the Gorilla Highlands initiative includes an emphasis on making tourism benefit them.


The Muhabura volcano above Echuya Forest; it marks the border between Rwanda and Uganda—the border that the Gorilla Highlands initiative is about to overcome.

photos: Enock Luyonza, Isabelle Masozera, Miha Logar and Penelope Tuhairwe