Power Wellness: Never Underestimate Things You Haven’t Tried

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Do you know that your life is a gift and that your feelings are valuable? Can you concentrate your heart and mind and take a weekend off, just for yourself? These are the essential requirements for Anina, an intuitive healer from the European Union, to help you find who you really are…

Anina does not force you to hear what she has to say, she listens to your energies and understands your situation like she lives with you, all with shocking precision! She has the natural ability to feel you from a distance, assisted only by a photo of your face and a video stream. She can heal your thoughts — conscious and subconscious — with a phone call.

“As a Christian, my first impression was: creepy!” said Joan Mukunzi, a Ugandan salesperson, “But I wanted to know how this whole thing works.”

Joan was one of the 8 participants who came together one October weekend for Kinigi Power Wellness. Kinigi is one of the most attractive places near Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, with a cold comfort weather that supports meditation and wellness of the mind. Power Wellness is the act of defining your thoughts, maximising your inner potential, facing the faults, identifying weaknesses and grudges that chain you to the past — and burning it all to ashes!

“Power Wellness is a powerful moment of reflection about ourselves and what we are capable to do in the future. It helps us stop in time to reflect inward as we continue to move in a quick world,” said Maria Cristina Gallegos, a communications professional. She considers herself a person of the world, with Ecuadorean roots, American background and Dutch nationality. At lunch time at Villa Gorilla in Kinigi, she talked about her previous spiritual adventure in her native land, led by a traditional healer.

Sharing stories, meals and Power Wellness experiences, the participants strengthen the bond among them. It helps that they come with the same ambition and goals… They treat each other like siblings, being more a family than a team.

Fred Munyeshyaka, a Rwandan school administrator, said: “I found it a great moment to meet new people and have a great time. I was delighted by how Anina counseled us and advised me specifically, based on revelations which were beyond my awareness. Telling me about my life and my personality, she made me feel committed to change and boosted my self-esteem.”

A particularly interesting assignment that Anina gives you is writing letters to your loved ones. The writings might contain words that you think you should have told them, such as appreciations, apologies, expressions of gratitude, admissions of any responsibilities you should have taken. Burning these letters at the end indicates a new beginning, a new direction, a new version of yourself, a promise to yourself to be the human you truly are.

“I felt free and really healed from some things I was holding back,” said Delphine Duhujurukundo, a pharmacist from Rwanda. “The way Anina felt what I was feeling, from thousands of miles away, made me speechless. She has a beautiful soul.”

Power Wellness may seem like a hoax in the auricles, until you experience it for yourself … a bit like love.

Jolly Senyange, a clear-headed accountant and businessman from Uganda, said: “It was my first opportunity, after a really long time, to get off work and reflect on my personal life and people around me. It made me realise that my life is also shaped by what happened in the past. It felt like taking myself on a first date. Anina’s opening statement made my heart skip as she mentioned what no one had mentioned to me before, and it was key to me… From that conversation on, I have become attached to what I need more of and laid a daily strategy to focus on the positive.”

… And how do participants look at their Power Wellness experience now, from some distance? Cristina had previously concluded that such sessions sometimes work and sometimes don’t, and we can notice that in the variety of feedback.

Fred can’t report any extreme change in his life but he is confidently working towards changing a lot about himself. Joan hasn’t noticed a big difference either, however she has begun working on loving herself more, as Anina advised. Jolly, on the other hand, has already seen two positive changes from his list of Kinigi insights; quite a relief for him. We will leave you to your thoughts with a quote from Delphine:

“Oh my God, there has really been a big change personally, because what I discussed with Anina made me think twice about myself, my life etc. She healed me emotionally, which is something I was looking for. It all builds on that, it’s a process of growing. She opened the door that I couldn’t, so I thank her so much and I would recommend anyone to talk to her. I wish to meet her in person!”

Your next opportunity to benefit from Power Wellness is in Uganda’s Entebbe on 28-29 November 2020. Power Wellness in Rwanda resumes in December.

text: Benjamin Iraguha; images: Safari Ombeni, Miha Logar