20 Best Stories from the Gorilla Highlands Blog

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We have prepared a Flipboard magazine with the best of the Gorilla Highlands Blog (March 2016 – February 2017). Here are the links for those of you who are not on the (free) Flipboard platform:

The first page we are sharing is from our website, to put a pin onto the global map for you. “Spectacular” may best define the upland area shared by Rwanda and Uganda. About our Region

Let’s move on to the Gorilla Highlands blog, and to the world-famous inhabitant of our region, the mountain gorilla… How Human are Gorillas?

… The essence of the Gorilla Highlands initiative, however, are the people. Tom runs an island homestay that was recently nominated for Uganda’s best. Tom Karemire, the Legend of Lake Bunyonyi

Among the many trekkers Tom has hosted on his island, we have approached an Italian gentleman named Stefano Barazzetta to describe his adventure. My Gorilla Trek with Way More Than Gorillas

Isabelle Lydia Masozera’s testimonial is something completely different—and quite hilarious! Read how she learned to hike. Masozera Something in Between

Isabelle can be very serious too. Her article discusses disgusting colonial views on Ugandans and Rwandans, and much more. Shame on You, Old Chaps

To counter-balance colonialist nonsense, a peek into the culture of the Bakiga people… Among the Bakiga Hygiene Was Not a Major Issue

The second big ethnic group of the Gorilla Highlands region are the Banyarwanda, the people of Rwanda. Love in Traditional Rwanda: Arranged and Communal

The third culture of the region are the Batwa (“Twa” in Rwanda), a pygmy group that is a victim of agricultural development and conservation. Why Did Gorilla Defenders Chase Batwa Away?

And that brings us back to gorillas… To gorilla sex! How Gorillas Make Babies and Care for Them

Not only a gorilla area, our region is a paradise for bird lovers. Crested crane is the royalty, Uganda’s national bird. Dance for Me, Crane, I Will Brew Beer for You

An excursion into DR Congo on the other side of the Rwandan/Ugandan border offers something tantalising… 8 Things You Should Know before Hiking Nyiragongo

Francis Tapon, a globetrotter extraordinaire, has travelled through Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, and many more African countries. Rwanda Is an Interesting Experiment

After Francis Tapon’s observations of Africans we should flip the mirror, and laugh. 12 Observations of White People

Enya Logar, our youngest blogger, thrives at the intersection of the white and black cultures. “I Liked It before I Hit the Tree”

Let’s stay with adventurous children for another moment, and check on the wider Gorilla Highlands area. Innovation: Budget Family Travel in Uganda & Rwanda

Some well-intended advice for all visitors to the Gorilla Highlands, especially handy for hikers. He Kept Telling Our Hiker How Big She Was

Maudah Kyitaragabiirwe, 81, adds another dimension to the story of the region. Her fate was to die but she lived to share her tale. Last Punishment Island Survivor

We better relax after that horror, in the company of our most important specialist volunteer, Marcus Westberg. Making a Difference with Photography

Allow us to wind up with something tasty and practical… Our next Silverchef cooking competition takes place at Lake Bunyonyi on 13 May 2017—meet us there or stay in touch online. Best Chef & Winning Recipe